Proximity Blogging

What is a Proximity Blog or Proximity Blogging?

Essentially it’s blogging about a place where you live and/or know very well from personal experience.

It’s a mix between personal blogging and a travel guide. Personal blogging is all about the writer, a travel guide is all about the place and proximity blogging is all about the place through the experience of the writer.

I has the best of the two worlds:

  • Since the focus is on the place and not the person, it has much more relevant information than a personal blog (where the most important thing is describing the memories and thoughts of the writer).
  • And since it’s based on first-hand experience, it’s a lot more intimate and engaging than an old-fashioned travel guide.

The nature of proximity blogs also bring some specific characteristics with a lot of value for the readers:

  • All the information needed to recreate the same that the author has written about.
  • Personal connection. If the readers are aligned with the style of the writer, they’re more likely to find his/her recommendations useful.
  • Creating value. Unlike in other types of blogging, the author is writing about something that he/she knows and values, so it’s in his/her best interest to create something valuable for the place itself and the community.
  • Beyond plain information. Travelling with locals is the best way to discover a culture, so in this kind of blogs the reader will be presented with more than just facts and data, he/she will have a taste of the culture and much richer insights of the place he/she’s interested about.

To sum all of this up, we can think about proximity blogging as if you’re showing your home to others. Sure they can look at the same furniture in a magazine and of course they can read your whole biography and have a glimpse of it, but the best way for them to know if they’re going to like it is by what you can explain to them.

What’s the origin of Proximity Blogging?

As far as we know, the origin of this concept is on this same blog. We had a very clear idea of what our blog was about but we felt that it wouldn’t fit in any of the categories that we knew (travel blog, local guide, personal blog, adventure blog…). So we came up with this idea to be able to properly categorize our blog.

We also see a lot of potential in proximity blogging, so we encourage people to start their own and share it with us at We’d love to read what you have to say and if we’re visiting your area, we’ll certainly take your advice!