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A beautiful and lesser-known hike in Montserrat: La Foradada

If you observe Montserrat from its north face, chances are that you’ll see one of its most characteristic rocks: La Foradada. The main feature of this rock is the huge triangular hole on it, and the good news is there’s a lovely hike that will lead you to this beautiful natural viewpoint.

Montserrat is a peculiar mountain range that has an ancient history related to religion. It’s known by local people to be a place of relaxation and serenity. Montserrat, translated as the serrated mountain, is well-famous for its rounded peaks, which resemble the figures that kids tend to do at the beach when they drop wet sand to make sand figures.

What is La Foradada?

Amongst Montserrat rocks, there is a triangular-shaped rock with a hole on it known as La Foradada -the drilled-. The artists who gave this peculiar rock shape were the wind and the water, and they did an awesome job! Talking dimensions, the rock is a little bit more than 10m in height and around 6m wide.

Hiking La Foradada

The hike to arrive at La Foradada starts at the parking Can Maçana and has a length of 2.5 km. It’s divided into two parts. The first one is a walk suitable for all ages and levels as it’s very plain. The second part, approximately the last 10 min, gets a bit tricky. You’ll have to use your hands and climb a little bit to get inside the triangular hole.

Once you arrive, breathe in the fresh air of the mountain and feel the calm and tranquillity all around you. Don’t forget to enjoy the awe-inspiring views as well! Let your imagination run wild and try to guess what kind of object the nearest peak looks like: is it a chair or a camel?

In order not to get lost, check our Wikiloc page with the track of this trail.

A cool fact about La Foradada

Lots of sports can be practised at Montserrat mountain, such as trekking, climbing and… wingsuit-flying! As crazy as it can sound, in 2013, a Norwegian skydiver named Alexander Polli jumped out of a helicopter and flew through the hole of La Foradada while wearing only a wingsuit. For those wondering what that is, a wingsuit is a fabric outfit that creates an area between the legs and under the arms, allowing people to “fly”. He travelled at a speed of 240km/h through the hole, which is like… a lot! Take a look at the video of the whole hole experience, and you’ll see!


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