Who’s behind Come to Catalonia?

Hi there!

Our names are Marc, Marina, and ClĂ udia and over the years, we’ve learnt that there’s no better advice than those from locals. Hence our goal to make a blog based on our personal experience rather than on the most trending and/or mainstream opinion.

This blog was born from the need for valuable information written in English about Catalonia. If you love immersing yourself in a culture, discover new things and having an active life, you’re in the right place!

We were born in Catalonia and we’ve lived here for many years, but we’ve also travelled and lived abroad for some more. That has given us experience exploring Catalonia and being foreigners without any idea where to start our trips.

We love being surrounded by nature and being outdoors. We want to share that with the world by helping you to explore every corner of Catalonia and encouraging you to get to know our traditions, our typical food and our culture.

Our country also has all kind of beaches, incredible mountains, places to relax and vibrant cities that will make your experience unforgettable, but you’re not going to get the best of it by being another tourist. You’ll have to travel, to be active, to get lost and to put a little effort to find those magical places and experiences. But don’t worry, we’ll help you with that because that’s our mission.

Have we awakened the adventurer in you yet?

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And finally just two things:

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